coming after you like a spider monkey!

"i'm hyped up on mountain deeewww!"

(awesome quotes made possible by talledega nights)

this was not a weekend of deep intellectual movies and profound insights into the human soul.

my labor day weekend was fun and major chill. i don't know what chill little bug crawled up my keister but it demanded i do almost next to nothing the
entire weekend. (physically speaking that is)

i FINALLY saw inglorious bastards and now have a special place in my heart reserved for brad pitt. (this is a first for me...please don't ruin it by saying he's hot.) i thought that movie was hilarious and sadistic all in one. there were so many times i could feel the audience wanting to cheer and scream, "YEAH!" but felt self conscious that others would find them sick, sad and twisted but aren't all folks that go to see a tarantino film sick, sad and twisted? YEAH! we are. : )

i, along with my faithful friend d, went to the beach on saturday. we drove the hour and some change and ended up in my cousin's land--a place where one can chill, do nothing and feel quite good about it. we ate really good food, went out for drinks and just hung out. i now think d will become a dog whisperer. he spent a good hour silently watching the dogs' behavior patterns and if i would have let him, he probably would have stayed at the beach for the rest of his life doing just that.

after the beach chill ended we drove back north and kicked it with my good pal rushell and her extended fam bam at her lovely home. latin sounds permeated her backyard. we ate THE best panamanian food, shook the hips a bit, swung in the hammock and then we came home. i think d actually got one of her family friends to try english beer...worlds collide lol.

now, today, on this day known as labor day i continue the act of doing nothing. i plan to get caught up on all the tv i've missed for the past couple of weeks...and i mean COUPLE. i plan to drink green tea to prepare my body for its reintroduction to normal food (marathon training starts this week!) and read read READ (i sang those last three words like an opera)

that's it folks. nothing momentous lol...nothing life-changing...BUT it was swell to relax and chill out. i swear when i hang with d i feel a lot like charlyne yi (complete with laugh). since she's now one of my heroes, this is a good thing.


  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me! :)

    Nothin' like being chill before getting ready for a marathon... enjoy it!


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