cheap hippie

ize like free.

ize like music.

free + music = a very happy Jesus woolly-haired girl

a while back on one of my many boring weekends i heard an npr campaign that seduced me into becoming a kcrw member. i'm not gonna lie, while i do luv me some ira glass and morning becomes eclectic i gave money because i wanted the free mac book. (why i gotta lie to kick it?)

there's always an underlying "what's in it for me?" so no judgmental finger points you pure-of-heart people! dare you to throw a guilt-free stone!

i obviously didn't win the darn mac so i kind of forgot about my little philanthropic endeavor until today when i received an electronic gift in my inbox with 20 FREE songs from kcrw's dj playlist. i was JUST complaining i needed new music too! SWEET!

i recognize some of the goodies. there are some eels in the mix. some sonic youth but there's a whole lot o'stuff i've never heard of that has me impatiently waiting for my itunes to download already. the morning after girls, bibio, miike snow...?

never heard of these music delights. can't wait. hope they are good.

there's only one kind of stuff betta than free. free GOOD stuff.

make luv, not bad music...and keep it free!

...and for the curious kitties out there: "THE LIST"

40 day dream-edward sharpe
when they fight, they fight-the generationals
un canto a mi tierra-quantic and his combo barbaro
sweet disposition-the temper trap
the strangers-st. vincent
smile the day after today-black moth super rainbow
sans soleil-miike show
part of your nature-the morning after girls
pale horses-moby
maybe so, maybe no-mayer hawthorne
malibu gas station-sonic youth
just like honey-headless heroes
in my dreams-eels
here are many wild animals-a camp
haikuesque (when she laughs)-bibio
do you wanna-zap mama
calle sol-nickodemus
birds of a feather-mocky
belated promise ring-iron & wine


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