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"sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us"

yeah...i think every one's parents used that little adage at one point in our young impressionable lives but believe it i most certainly did not.

i knew better because the kind words sent my way always made the day a ginormous amount of better-ness. words can make the greyest of grey clouds disappear.

take the comment my anonymous new yoda buddy left on one of my posts:

Your blogs are interesting and fun to read. It's not easy capturing the attention of people in today's busy world... Getting people to take time out to read about your life, your thoughts, your experiences, is a GIFT. You have complete strangers telling you to keep going. Not because they know you personally, but because they can tell by your words and the things you do outside of acting, that you have the potential and drive it takes to achieve anything. Whether that be writing, acting, directing. You'll be successful my blogging friend. Patience is a virtue. Just wait and see.

i read something like that and my whole outlook does a 180. i've figured out that the sunniest of sunny people can have dreadfully bad terrible days but the difference between the tiggers and the eeyores is one's ability to bounce back. i really am thankful that folks care enough to help me stay in the tigger group.thank you anonymous friend. sometimes words really can break some happy off into you!


so i dig my fro. curly hair really is the best thing for the grown and lazy but me and the Jesus wool battle it out gangster style in the shower each day. i seriously have to stand there and brush the ISH out of my ish for a good 5 minutes (not cool for a gal who prides herself on short shower time. go green!) my sista gurl friends will laugh (or roll their eyes) but my hair's version of the kitchen is reDONKulous.

that all changed this week. i have NO clue what's up with my hair as of late but the darn fro is actually being nice to me. for the last couple of days i have had actual silky non-tangly hair in the shower. (whaaaa....?)

first day i totally thought it was a fluke of nature...but by day two? mwahaha!!! when the brush glided thru my hair on day two without stopping to check out rat #26 i about cried.

is frederick fekkai for real?! do i need to have this man's babies?!


we gots to get our hee haws out somehow...urban dictionary is one of my many poisons of choice. without fail i'll find some hilarious word that has me and my peeps rolling on the floor snorting. (that's laughing for all you d.a.r.e. savvies)

take "joke insurance" for example. joke insurance is when two mates have a mutual understanding to laugh at each others jokes, no matter how lame or awkward said joke is, therefore lessening the social failure of the bad joke.

isn't this grand?! isn't it SO true?! j and i have the corn ball humor down pat. while others are groaning and reaching for the knife that was made special to end their ear's suffering we're bustin guts (that means laughing for all you naughty savvies!) friends and the perks that come with are pretty darn fantastically delicious.

our dear president just spoke of insurance. said every green-blooded american should have it. i'm thinking maybe i should write the dear chap and ask him to add j.i. to the bill. heck, it may get a republican or two to attempt a smile once in a while. who knows...


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