bean lady is back!

back story: when i was born my grandma consulted with a lady i refer to as "the bean lady" to forecast my cute little life. i guess every culture has its version of the storyteller. my gram's bean lady is the equivalent to a tea leaf reader. this wonderful bean lady read the beans and the beans told her i would be a great woman some day. she said lots of people would hear my words and all this other stuff that basically meant i'd grow out of my nerdy awkward years and actually be sociable--possibly even cool.

fast forward to now.

so my gram and i used to email every day. (she's cool like that.) but then her computer broke and mornings just haven't been the same. no more totally hilarious messages to get me going. i think she was feeling my withdrawals because she called me out of the blue to give me a phone pep talk yesterday.

this is where the bean lady comes in. i guess gram was playing cards with the bean lady (again, my gram is cool like that) and the lady with the beans told her that i was still going to be an actress some day. she told gram all my business i haven't thought about acting...that i probably feel that that aspect of my dream is now over but those feelings would pass. (the woman also said i'd be living solo so we'll see how that raise talk goes with the bossaroo.)

i'd just like to point out that i'm not so much interested in the forecast from the bean lady but the fact that a bean lady exists some how in my personal life narrative.

it don't get much quirkier than that and i love me some quirky!
p.s. i just tried googling "bean reader" and nada came up. i couldn't make this stuff i tried yo!


  1. ah I love it! I've never known a bean lady (nobody in my fam believes in that sort of thing unfortunately). The closest I've come is my friend's gay fortune teller friend, but as I have never met him that doesn't really count... in any case that is definitely quirky and quirky = fun hehe :)


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