am i a stalker?

yes i am!

i admit this freely so i get to add cool points and subtract the creepy ones. why am i dancing a fine line between blog admirer and creep you ask?

because of THIS! this blog, one of my newest sources of joy, has the greatest pics that keep me busy for hours on end. that alone could tickle me green but to see my name ON the site... mwahahahaha

oh yea, THAT ROCKED!

it felt like what i assumed folks feel when their face pops up on the "kiss me" jumbo tron. maybe even what j would feel if gwen stefani were ever to acknowledge her lovely web site or, j herself!, during an interview. it's like magic johnson telling a story and publicly naming the kid he remembered sitting in the stands the last time he played ball. it's a blogger's moment in time...sniff.

maybe i just luv, luv, luv seeing that i was acknowledged and permanently locked down on one of my favorite blogs for eternity.

i'm a narcissistic stalker: being one-dimensional was never my bag baby.


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