the yearly routine

here are the facts:

bree was my very first bud i kicked it with in la.
in the beginning we were quite broke. quite...(say this with an english accent)
to compensate, we'd eat really bad cheap food and watch videos at home.
taco bell alone saved both of our minds from the perils of insanity.
now every year we join forces, eat cheap food, and watch flicks.

this routine, anniversary, tradition (whatever) helps us to remember the cute hopeful girls we once were. it also gives us the opportunity to catch up on any and all drama we may have missed out on.

there's just something about our friendship that leaves me all nostalgic and teary-eyed. she knows me-the actress and i know her-the director. acting HAS to come up in our conversations...directing/writing/theater too. i've never had a friend trying to swim in the entertainment pond like me. it's hella cool. i dig.

our mission: watch inkheart & feast of love. drink wine. eat good cheap food.

would have been perfect if it was a green tail

after lunch at jamba juice (they have food now ya'll!) we went to this cute little place in burbank called porto's. think french meets italian meets spanish. there's simple chandeliers and lines chalk-a-block full of hungry patrons dying for a bite of some disgustingly fantastic pastry.

proof there is a God: this pear thing was so good..i got lost in it. i think i might name my first born "pear thing".

bree demonstrates what heavenly potato balls will do to a gal. (please note: bree was held at gun point and told to give me orgasmic pose or die)

this was the best bread i think i've ever gobbled. carbs were there to help with our wine consuming. the fact that the ish was off the chain was bonus.

we were watching feast of love...only right that my feast could participate

i tried the potato butta

behold!!! the potato ball. i might just marry this little guy (or at least the maker of this little guy)

bree is telling her roommate her eyes deceived her. she knew not when ordering that her cinnamon bread would indeed be bigger than her head.

this is the face of a girl just finding out the boy she thinks is hawt is indeed a child and was recently in that return to witch mountain movie. thanks bree for that tiny rip in my heaven


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