twitterpat thy self

it' s basic knowledge that most girls can self-diss like no other. esteem is something little girls are taught to run away from (while waving their hands like they've squished a bug) and so you can imagine my surprise when i came across a bit of self love this weekend. oh no it was more than love...i'd say it was flat out twitterpation with myself.

if folks didn't know me any better, they might take me for being a big-headed fool.

it all started on sunday when i got the notion to date myself. i figured i was pretty groovy and could definitely show myself a darn-tootin' good time so i took my behind out. we went on a hike (after all the person i date has to not only want my heart but support its need to beef up) and did some other sweet stuff that made my heart go pitter pat. it was the perfect date. it didn't stop at the end of the weekend though.

oh no i took that mess to work and spent the whole day telling ian, my cubby buddy, that i rocked. i rocked because i knew how to date myself like the best of 'em. i rocked because i made sizzling hot playlists. i rocked because i am a clever minx TO THE BONE...yes, ian may be suffering from bleedage of the ear canals but it was worth it! (at least for me)

i've seriously become twitterpatted with myself and i don't want that ish to go away. most days i'm criticising the mess out of the history of me it's nice to finally hear some positivity swirling around in that mass between my ears.

at one point i even commented that everything in my life rocks...even my fruit choices. (pluots rule).

my big headedness may lead to ian poppin' a gap in me arse but i care not. i'll enjoy the love as long as it lasts...loving yourself is fun man!

self luv indulgence (because i totally take pics of the ones i love):


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