superbness in weekend form

i had the greatest weekend. went by way too fast though.

FRIDAY night involved a cousin, buds, a birthday and an interestingly smooth dance place called zanzibar. there are some days that go by so quick. you forget to take it easy and enjoy the pace. before i knew it my fam bam had already driven up from the beach and we were on our way to pick up the boys for a night on the town. with a new dress and newly acquainted friends, we hit up a cool little 50's diner followed by the zanzibar (it's only right to give it "THE" status...the place definitely had some memorable characteristics)

we danced and drank. drank and danced and got so darn hot and sweaty we had to leave and go walk the streets of santa monica. you know it's a good night when you can sit outside with your friends in the cool night air and recover from dancing your butts off.

SATURDAY involved another southern cali friend trekking up to my place of residence for a night on the town. we went to the kings of leon concert and had a blast rockin out to some of the best live music i've ever heard. we punctuated the night with roscoe's. my bud dana had told me about an infamous waitress there who went by mama and low and behold she just happened to be working that older woman with spunk who loves to sass people into quick ordering. we ate and discussed life and and careers. it was the perfect night for two gals on the town. i slept better than i've slept in a really long time.

SUNDAY we HAD to hit up jinky's for some pumpkin pancakes and other goodies. i had to stinkin' work so my gal and i parted after grubbing. i handled the job-aroo and then met up with another buddy for a mini adventure around la. neither one of us are really la experts so we've made a pact to get out there and see this city of ours. today involved taking my first la train ride. we ended up down around the staples center where we ate good food, did some good site seeing and enjoyed being young and newbie.

overall i'd say it ended much too quickly. this was a weekend filled with rich conversations and great memories. those weekends always seem to fly by. i think if they went any slower we'd never go back to the real world.

friday pics:

Saturday quotes and pics:

kings of leon @ the forum

on our way! this is when we noticed we were "out the box" chicks.

pretzel smiles: ole boy who sold us the food over charged. never trust a man who looks up and starts to mind count.

it starts to fill up but seriously it didn't get packed until right before they flippin went on. people were seriously working some major cp time

our beautiful tickets: we straight sprawled out and enjoyed the concert old people style


"i don't need to kill anyone"
"here's the box. here is dana and i outside the box"
"we're the only ones"
"is your nose bleeding"
"19 dolla hoodwink"
"i don't think i know who they are. who are they?" (the whigs apparently)
"i don't know what instrument i'm playing in the air but i'm playing the shit out of it!"
"lap funk? i don't remember lap funk"


good ice cream from new zealand (kiwis!!!), art, kick arse murals, pimps and adventure to boot


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