sunday bliss

there are days i seriously want to jab my eyeballs out i'm so bored. those are the days that lack creative umph. today is not one of those days.

today i woke up seriously with a smile on my face ready to get out and skidaddle. i woke at 6:30 am (sans alarm...i know sometimes even i annoy myself) and went for a hike. la sleeps a bit longer on sundays. the marine layer (normal people outside of cali call this fog) seriously blanketed everything in my neighborhood and i felt a cold i haven't felt in months. no one else was on the was just me and my city.

the hike was difficult for me (i haven't done it in a couple of weeks and my butt reminded me of this immediatly after hitting the first hill) but not even 5 minutes into the darn thing i witnessed an amazing event. i saw, for the first time ever, an actual tree hugger. i have NO clue what the girl was doing but one minute i saw her coming down the hill and the next she was hugging a tree. i wore a baseball cap that makes it impossible to people watch unless i tilt my head in that frat boy kinda way (which is only cute when boys do it so i don't) so you can imagine my surprise when i basically walked right up on her hugging the tree. she seemed really happy and it totally tickled my fancy so more power to her. it was serious the best thing to get my giggles going today.

once i reached the top i had a thoreau moment. i mentioned before that the marine layer was off the chain. all through my hike it was hiding mountains and buildings...i couldn't see more than a couple of feet in front of me at a given time. once i reached top it became magnificent. i stood there and looked into pure thick grey...usually you can see the valley and cars and houses in the hills...there was nothing. no sounds, no other people on the trail...just me and this massive amount of grey. i happened to be listening to this beautiful song called "bibanke" by asa. it was a perfect moment, one i have to remember to hold on to.

i can't hike without visiting the farmers market so i did that (no more cherries this season) and then came home and made a deliciously scrumptious breakfast wrap with spinach, eggs and mango salsa.

i couldn't have imagined a better sunday.

now i'm waiting for d to wake his lazy arse up and go to the movies with me. today is funny people with adam sandler. i have high hopes for this one. i have a feeling it's one of the ones that will remind me why i've always wanted to be an actor. maybe some guiness (the irish in me is bursting out i tell ya...i'm even reading a book about ireland right now.)

some days i sit still and tears just pile out of me. i'm just overcome with joy that the days have so much potential and beauty. it's a weird phenomenon i admit. some times i get a bit scared because i feel like my heart will burst with happiness but the fear doesn't last long. these days are what i live for...i tell ya.

sunday photography:

dedication wrapped up

my inner girl

peaceful bathroom charm

my apartment building is a man.. a pink man

toys taking over

my desk friends



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