a some one told me a some thing today and changed me for the better.

sometimes secrets can be so meddlesome, don't you think? if they are yours, they're secrets for a reason and not the easiest to share but there's something GREAT about being cool enough with someone that you can open up and whisper.

there's also something pretty darn cool about being the one person hearing a secret's first dance in public land (public land = out of the head of the person holding it hostage and into the head of the receiver) if you don't believe me watch 500 days of summer. there's a whole section on what a secret can do for the human heart.

i got secrets today. they're mine and mine alone and i will cherish the thought behind them wholeheartedly (and twirl when no one watches...ok i twirl when anyone watches but you get the point i'm trying to make, right?)

secrets change the people you tell them to. if you understand the full magnitude of the trust someone has invested in you then you should feel pretty darn special.

my heart kinda expanded a grinch style.

have you ever noticed that songs about secrets are always, ALWAYS sexy? 3 kiwis for madonna, alice smith and maroon 5...GROWL!


  1. ooooooo...tell me a! I promise not to tell a soul. :)

  2. u must first prick your pinky with a needle and drip the blood onto a kiwi. then while spinning in a circle (clockwise) say "kiwi power" 13 times.

    once you have completed this mission i shall reveal 1 soul-tastic secret.


  3. damn! I'm fresh outta kiwis! I'm putting them on my grocery!!!


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