the perfect day

have you had your perfect day yet?

at some point in our lives we'll beam light and radiate happiness until our faces hurt...i always knew this and saturday i actually got to experience it.

from the top:

friday was not a good day. work dragged and i experienced an unfortunate situation that left me really feeling for a friend and questioning my perceptions of the world (who's happy and who's not--wanting someone's life and finding out no one has it easy, etc.) it freaked me out so much that saturday morning i woke up in the most fowl mood one could possibly ever be in. i could cry at the drop of a hat. not cool.

of course that meant that everyone in the free world was pushing my mean buttons. i about ripped off my dentist's receptionist's head for reminding me (for the 4th time) of my appt for the day. i got there (spitting fire) and was totally prepared to tear everyone there a new hole in the area that rarely (if you're a good girl) sees sunlight.

i grumble because i learn the woman who hurts my mouth like no other will be performing a deep cleaning on me that requires numbing meds...this doesn't suit me so well so i start complaining to the doc and her that they hurt my ish every time and i'm not in the mood to starve for 2 days while my gums heal. they seem shocked by the obvious fowlness (i usually come in quite perky) and assure me i'll be ok.

the woman sits me down and starts talking about the same cooky nonsense she always talks to me about which has me boiling immediately. she stops, looks at me and says i'm packing some major bad energy and begins to lecture me about certain books i should read and chants i should say (i am the light, the light is me). at first i find her new age mumbo jumbo annoying enough to pop her a good one but it starts to sink in after a couple of minutes. i loosen my fist that's ready to strike. i laugh even. it totally works! she's right! being joyful IS better than spitting hateful moodiness. something inside me changes and i'm a brand new gal.

i left the appt longer ready to pounce on the office about never coming back. i decide i will continue on with plans to go to the beach with a buddy and life is from that point perfect.

perfection reached:

so my buddy comes over with sunglasses and towell ready. i pack some blankets, a couple of snacks and some drinks in a cooler and we head off to dockweiler state beach in playa del rey.

we stop for lunch and see marlon wayans. (my buddy has yet to see a celebrity in la so he is on cloud 9.) we jam to reggae with the windows down. we talk about anything and everything. the sun and wind dance around us in perfect harmony.

we arrive at the beach and make nice with acting friends i've met along the way since moving out here. this is where the good stuff really takes off. there's a huge group around a bonfire and it becomes the perfect setting for meaningful talks and good times. we decide the fun shouldn't end on the sand. we want seafood...good seafood so we pack up and set out for some grub.

we literally have no idea where to go or what to do so we decide just driving down a road is necessary. we come to a quaint little coffee shop that reminds me of some place in my college town...young guys with lip rings and big smiles greet us and shoot the ish while our java brews. they tell us to keep driving down this main road in front of the shop and assure us it will lead to our next adventure. we're down so we skidaddle. sun's setting, coffee's good and we're now listening to a beach playlist i created on friday. jason mraz, colbie and jack johnson croon on...

we wind up in hermosa beach and decide this is where we will find our seafood joint. we park and walk for a while until we find this awesome little fish shack off the pier. we find a high table and grub on calamari, fish & chips and yummy blackened fish tacos. we drink good beers and make nice with the fun waitress.

after the grub we decide we're still up for the good stuff. we hear music pumping from another part of the shack so we follow it into a dark room booming old school hip hop. we promptly remove our beach hoodies and move for two straight hours on the dance floor. we laugh hysterically coming up with silly moves and old school favorites. life pumps thru my veins with a force i've never quite felt before and i realize we're having one of those celestine vision moments that i used to read about. we let the day have us and it took us along the perfect path to good times.

we left the club hot and happy and drove up the 405 happy and content, both agreeing that today was THE perfect day.

i hit my pillow with a smile on my face that was still there when i woke up on sunday.

i'm not usually miss spontaneity but that crazy lady from the dentist stirred something inside me. i'll remember this weekend for years and years and i'm confident it will bring a smile to my face every single time.


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