paper heart

the #1 reason for loving la so darn much: fantabulous early movie releases. i saw paper heart and now tiny green hearts are sprouting from my head.

no spoiler here so you can keep reading. : ) all i'll say is it's a movie for everyone. if you believe in love, if you don't believe in's just a sweet honest flick. (ironically enough you'll spend the entire movie wondering if you're watching something real.)

i think charlyne yi is a new hero. she's a quirky interesting hilariously dorky chick who somehow missed the memo that girls should be self-conscious and mind controlled like a sheep or lemming. (i.e. in a robot voice--as a girl you must aspire to make people think you are cute, hot or beautiful and that is it.)

she's effortless on screen and endearing to boot.

if and when it comes to your town i recommend this movie. you'll get oodles of cool points, you'll have something to discuss for long periods of time around the water cooler (which heck, means less work) and you might learn something about love that leaves you patting strangers on the back as you leave the theater.

luv, luv, LUV!!!


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