jury schmury

friday i woke up in the best kinda way and went to the wrong kind of place.

i was summoned to jury duty.

while i'm not a moaner and a groaner i will admit the act of participating in jury duty exhausted the shat out of me.

fact#1: jury orientation speeches get me a little choked up. i kind of lose it when they bring up the part about maybe some day it'll be you falsely accused. you'll have your peers there with impartial ears to hear you out...TEARS OF FURY, OBEY ME! DO NOT GIVE ME AWAY!

fact#2: even famous people have to serve. it's true. the orientation guy told me that celebs are constantly flittering about the court house (pee wee was a juror a couple of weeks ago) and this makes me just that much cooler. it's rare that i get to be on the same playing field as the ones that live with acting success and magical accomplishment. i dig it.

fact#3: duty is great for indulging my need to people gawk and evesdrop apparently. one woman was singing the whole time...weird songs that had everyone giggling under their breath. some napolean complex shorty with a big mouth couldn't get off his iphone. (even though orientation dude specifically told us not to chat on our phones in the jury room because good people were trying to sleep--like me!) apparently he couldn't tell scarlett he loved her enough for adding the final edits to charlie's scene and he especially worshiped her for locking down the location. in case you didn't get it...he wanted everyone in the room to figure it out that his whack little behind was someone important. if you didn't gather this from his loud conversation then he'd provide pacing at the front of the room just to hit the point home.)

i read some from girl with glasses (for all those who were basically wearing glasses in the womb this book will feel like home) and slept with my head down in my lap...very uncomfortable and i'm sure very weird for others to behold.

i walked to the moca over lunch. looked at some lovely photography exhibit and then ate lunch at an art school nearby. it is here i introduced my tummy to a most delicious beverage, the honest ade. totally recommend the cranberry lemonade. mmm good.

i did not get put on any panels (woo hoo!) and we even got to leave early but now i sit at home, watching reality bites for the first time and i can barely keep my eyes open. i tell ya, being an upstanding citizen definitely tuckers you out.

my internal jury is out to lunch on this one. how is it that i get to miss work (the place of infinite boredome, dispair and life suckage), people watch, have lunch at the moca, read to my heart's content and i STILL do not enjoy jury duty?

some things in life will just have to remain a mystery.


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