I Fancy the Eye

oh, how i adore blogs.

can’t get enough of them. in fact, i get quite perturbed and go thru withdrawals when my favorite writers don’t post daily. (it’s better than that crack addiction i kicked last year so don’t hate.)

the other day i totally took another hit of my luv. i stumbled across a photography blog that seriously makes my hand balloon and float off into the clouds.

here's the scoop as i see it: photographer takes pictures of folks in love and gets inspired. starts taking pictures of what he loves.

i’m a bit obsessed with this man’s eye and the fact that the whole darn blog focuses on taking pictures of two subjects i find to be quite adorable. some of these pictures are so dope you can't help but suck in breath.

an hour of last night was spent gawking at his work. i will probably, more than likely gawk again today. if you’re ever in the mood to see perfection in photography form (at least in my opinion) then check out this blog.

i heart JWL


  1. Holy moly, I love his work too...and I love his daughters. They are so beautiful, they make me want to adopt Asian babies.

  2. Absolutely precious...makes me want to go back to my childhood days with my sisters...*sigh*


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