garlic inoculation


i've always been on the fence when it comes to garlic.

yeah, yeah, yeah...all you gourmet chefs out there i beg you to simmer down.

it's not that i don't like it but i don't know if i love it either. i mean every time i eat a bunch of it my stomach freaks the heck out, throws its arms up in the air and jumps around like the holy ghost just don't care. (basically my tummy starts to hurt)

i like for my food to have flavor. i don't like the smell that refuses to leave the room, your clothes or your dang mouth. garlic definitely buddied up with halitosis at the beginning of its inception and decided they'd be bff's forever.

a hint of it is perfectly acceptable and welcomed. why then dear friends did i set up an outting to the stinking rose last night? (because it's one of those la gems you always hear about. i swear it's like adventure week on crack!)

so we went to the lovely restaurant (which by the way you do NOT need a reservation for on a wednesday night) and sat down amongst walls and walls of famous celebrities from years and years who had been to the stinky joint. the place doesn't stink to high heaven by the way. definite perk...

we grubbed on their famous appetizer--this yummy bread served with a soft garlic mish mash thing (lol!) that was so yummy i moaned. my bud got this great fish dish that was more lemon than garlic and i got the lasagna that was pretty darn tasty. nothing was garlic-tastic either...everything was seasoned to perfection...just the way my tummy likes it.

it was a bit pricy for the iddy biddy portions you get but i figure garlic dishes as leftovers would make the fridge a bit gnarly so this could be a good thing. we had fun drinking our wine and beer but did NOT enjoy the garlic ice cream...i mean you HAVE to try the stuff but man when i say the garlic in that crap will knock you over the head and have garlic fire coming out your's not pretty. the moment the stuff hit my lips i knew i'd need some major altoid help. ice cream should never burn NEVER! but was an adventure...ya gotta try it at least once!

the atmosphere is uber cozy so we got in a lot of good food talk and giggles. i'd say it goes down in the history books of great la adventures. if you're ever in la ya gots to go garlic yo!


  1. Ooh! Alan and I have been to the Stinking Rose in SF...I didn't know there was one south as well!

    By the way, we also went to Yosemite over the weekend and along the way went through Gilroy, CA. They process crazy amounts of garlic there and we went right by the plant. HOLY GARLIC. It practically stung the smell was so strong. AKA, I loved it.


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