a furlough situation

so yeah i'm just gonna go ahead and say that i'm not a struggling actress trying to make it in this stinky sunshiny town...

i'm an actress dealing with an acting furlough. i've been asked by mr spielberg to take some time off without pay. he promises me this will only be temporary.

i got "the call" today. i missed it the first time actually. me, miss optimist olive, decided the crazy digits flashing on my phone had to be a wrong number so i went about my business. the voicemail icon popped up though so i took a listen and heard mr big shot from mr big shot production company talking on the line about calling him back.


when i say i spazzed a bit i lie. i had a cow which promptly stood up, moo'd, then popped out cheese.

i hate it when people give me teasers about a story and then fill it with stupid long details so i'll just skip all the hibbedy doo and say the guy was disappointed i didn't have real work experience.

(in case you didn't know this isn't a nice observation that proceeds a contract negotiation. nope...it's just your standard kiss of death.)

sorry folks. i didn't have that cinderella moment where the guy thinks i have potential, sweeps all notions of experience under the rug and promptly hires me for his next big shot film. he told me to send my resume (sad little thing that it is) and head shot to him and he'd help me try to find a manager...which would then try to help me find work. this i realize is better than nothing. i mean helps help. it's rare to find someone who willingly will dish it out to a stranger.

sigh..the ups and downs of acting or enough to pickle any chica green. after i hung up i gave a long drawn out sigh and went back to creating excel spreadsheets and tending to life as i know it. like i said, i am an actress with a furlough issue. but some day alice... TO THE MOON!

if i wasn't lactose intolerant i'd have a vat of ice cream in front of me right now and a cheesecake to chase it with. i hear dairy goes nicely with disappointment.

realizations from life's lemons

finding out i couldn't keep granny's wig

watching my dad grieve over losing his daisy duke shorts

living life bt (before tweezers)

realizing i couldn't really eat her to pieces


  1. where'd you get pics of our childhood?! i want some :)

  2. mo made me an album of my baby pictures before i left for college...sorry sucka! deez mine!

    i would like to point out that you were a flippin cute arse baby...if it's any consolation :)


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