fart smeller, i mean smart feller

i swear i've convinced myself that i look and act smarter when i do one of the following three things:

1.) wear my glasses out in public. it's a well known fact that folks with glasses look they have some brains up there in their noggins. my glasses, these clunky black rectangle specs, are my magic accessory when i partake in smart people functions that involve nerdy cool stuff like poetry, obscure music and subtitles.

2.) listen to npr. there's something about national public radio that screams, "i'm a cool nerd, hear me think". i just caught a great story about a guy who dated a girl who was also dating half the men at their college. he ended the piece with this profound, dark and deep sentence about doing whatever necessary to be a part of the world you love. it was awesome and even better that my neighbor sat in his car beside me listening to my program (i couldn't turn off my car until it was over). i'm getting mad props for being smart by the neighbor that probably, more than likely assumed i was a hoochie mama because every time he sees me i'm with a different dude (unfortunately all just friends) but still...my hoochie points have gone done and smarties are up. i mean hoochies don't listen to npr...duh. i love it.

3.) watch indie films. everyone knows that certain movies improve one's perception that you're a smarty mcgee. i mean super bad is genius funny in my opinion but the older gentlman that ushered me into the theater probably wasn't applauding me for my intelligent choice that night. no, no, no...it's all about flicks like elegy...movies that feature classical music, wine and ben kingsley. your smart neuron synapses will go ape over the poetic license that movie skinny dips in. of course this will improve your smartie pants perceptions immensely. at least that's what i think.

looking smart is totally awesome bruh...that's my story and i'm sticking to it.


  1. I'll keep my corrective lens wearing, book reading, history loving... nerdiness low pro.... Thank you very much.... hahaha :P

  2. uh huh...if i see you sportin "intelligent gear" or partaking in intelligent activities i'm going to giggle with delight

  3. You are sooooooo not alone! I've totally pulled the nerdy glasses trick.... I think I've even managed to trick a few people...lol!!!!


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