duck tales (sing the song!)

who knew the animals of the world dig corporate america.

for as long as i've been at this darn blasted company of mine i've seen THE most gully of animals take over my place of employment. when i say the squirrels here go buck buck i mean it. yesterday as i was entering the building i saw one such squirrel chillin in the middle of my path. i thought the little stinker would move as i approached but he just sat there and looked at me like, "what trick? what are YOU gonna do?" (i ended up going around him. i, the human, went around a tiny cute squirrel with mad swagger)

the same goes for the gangster birds and the ducks that chill in our fountains like it's a flippin pond. while most of the time i dig the dang birds (it's actually cute to watch them with their little ducky babes) i do occasionally curse their very presence. if the wind starts blowing and the water from their lovely make-shift pond flies up and tries to enter your mouth you'd be cussin' too!

there's always an upside though. of course we have to learn lessons from everything that comes across our path. ducks are the best at lessons! did you know that when two ducks get into an altercation they'll flap and beat the ish out of each other and then politely swim apart, flap their wings to release the heat and then they're done...for good?! the argument is over. no grudges, no "you took my man i hate you foo!" stuff. it's squashed. it's a lovely lesson we all should practice because seriously, life really is uber short.

new lesson of the day!

so this fine morning i see the ducks doing their thing and i realize it's all girl ducks chillin in the water. and i realize it's been that way for quite some time. usually it's two girl ducks and i wonder if they're lesbian ducks and i've got the coolest progressive pond in the hood but today there's a grip of the ladies doing their thing and i wonder if they've just figured it out that when push comes to shove we need our girlfriend time. more girlfriend time than man time possibly. don't get me wrong. i dig dudes a lot. i have a crush on the cutest guy in the whole wide world. (i'm willing to bet on this fact) all i'm saying is it's good to have our girlfriends around. my momma always said our girl friendships are what keep us afloat during the times when our menz our actin' a straight up fool. (and they will...even the sweetest of men burp the alphabet, metaphorically speaking, at some point in the game)

so hooray for new duck lessons. learn from the duck. be the duck. be quacktastic. it's cool. promise.


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