don't yoga on me

who am i?


if you would have told me this time last year that i'd be running me little arse off (literally), training for a marathon, chillin in the gym at least 5 times a week and actually interested in things like muscles and bmi's i would have laughed in your face and told you to stop letting my agents talk you into project "tighten tishy up".

today i did something i thought i would never do. i took a yoga class.

ya'll don't understand. if you're familiar with anything mediation-y then you know what it means when i say the monkey in my brain took some crack and sprinkled it gingerly in a can of red bull, shook it up and pummeled it into its mouth like one would on a mountain dew commercial. (j's been trying to get me into yoga for luck)

i can't focus. i can't chill. i can't yoga. those were my excuses.

the new tish was determined though. i have to prep for marathon training or i won't make that ish this january. i set up a work out plan (mondays-abs & legs class, tuesdays-treadmill runs and weights, wednesdays-run on treadmill for speed, thursday-yoga, friday-run outside distance, saturdays-weights, sundays-REST!) and by golly i was gonna stick to that darn plan.

...and then today i got sick. i FINALLY figured out what the heck was wrong. i've been taking fish oil supplements for my joints (running's hard on a sister!) and they had expired...and i was doubling up because i'm dumb like that.

so the bloody nose...the nauseated thang and all those other great ailments i described in a previous blog make sense now. i stuck it out at work even though i wanted to go home and crawl into a hole just so i could stick to the stinking plan... i ran 3 miles (1 outside, go me) and then did yoga. :)

i have a guy buddy in the class that was giving me a hard time. i had written him and asked him if this class was gonna kick me into the ground considering i felt like ick and had no clue what the heck to do in yoga besides downward dog and that's just because it's in every chick flick scene known to man.

he told me i'd be fine and then warned me not to yoga on him. (he's a funny guy buddy, did i mention that?)

i really didn't yoga all over him though. i kept up pretty well. i'm actually proud of myself. i smiled thru the whole class. yoga is pretty dope. it really is a great work out. ole girl teaching (speaking a whisper lol) was RIPPED with muscles so i trust the process. i sweat profusely, i did what i refer to as a yoga push up correctly and i only giggled at my awkwardness once.

this isn't a class for crack head goofy girls...i had to keep telling the monkey in my head this. i felt calm, strong and straight afterward. yes, all from that one hour class.

my green mat and i have decided we'll stay in yoga. we've decided that trying new classes is cool and totally empowering because lets face it all those people knew each other and had already taken the class weeks, months, years before i could even mutter "nomaste". my mat and i have also decided we will not dress like
we did today. big over-sized t shirts and baggy shorts that go past your knees don't really work for you when the teacher tells you to stare at your belly button. WHERE WAS MY BELLYBUTTON DAMN IT! (monkey in brain goes wild)

the monkey attack was not enough to deter me from the zen like smile that i walked away from class with though.

i kind of like this new me. i like trying new things even though i'm terrified of going to new places alone. i like that upward dog pisses me off and that cobra is a perfectly acceptable alternative. i dig that she says yoga is a balance between strength and flexibility. (if you're too strong you're stiff and if you're too flexible you can't do ish--my words not hers).

i like it that i already have goals to master all the different poses and breathing techniques.

it's a new tish indeed.

this is pre yoga anything. now i know that putting your hands near your heart is part of the ending lol. this is all i know so far...first you put your hands near your head, then heart and then you're done baby cakes. nomaste.


  1. Another one bites the Yoga dust. I had such hope for you. But you've gone to the other side.... Nooooo I will have to stay strong and say NO to Yoga for the both of us... :P

  2. lol you're evil neah. you need to get with the pun intended!

  3. i love love love yoga. and i'm one of those people who thinks meditation is bs and can't shut the monkey off either. but i think yoga is different cause it's hard and i have to focus on what i'm doing (so i don't fall on my face) and that automatically shuts the monkey up. good for you for trying it. i didn't know you were anti-yoga seems right up your alley to me.

  4. oh totally anti-yoga sister. heck i moved out to la saying i would not be one of those crazy fitness peeps...ummm

    never say never

  5. steve has joint pain from drumming, and he takes this supplement called glucosamine and chondroitin. have you heard of it?


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