district 9: no spoiler

oh the emotions and emotional outbursts that took over poor tish last night.

this here movie had me yelling expletives (the hard core, mean mama jama ones), crying my eyes out, giggling, gasping, rocking and exclaiming "definitely oscar worthy!" at the end.

without giving away a darn tootin' detail i'll say that i recommend this one definitely for the masses at large. you don't have to be a sci fi geek to enjoy the genius known as district 9.

everyone kept telling me to see this. it's gotten nothing but great reviews from my peers at large and the facebook community is going buck buck. if you're still on the fence i shall offer my personal review: a description of my actions post movie.

basically d and i sat in the car afterwards and he brought up the very last scene (which affected me for a COMPLETELY unrelated random reason lol)...and when i say my face contorted into THE worst crying face i could ever imagine. he kept talking, not realizing that my face was pruning and my body was shaking with spasms and it got worse and worse. i cried the ugly cry ya'll...i cried that ugly cry you don't want anyone to see cry. when d finally realized i was spazzing he began to taunt me like the emotionally void male that he is. robots i tell ya...they're all robots...

ugh. i'm exhausted now. i sat on the edge of my seat (literally) with my hands covering my mouth through a good portion of the dang thing. finally a movie comes along this year that has heart tugging, thought provoking potential...THANK YOU neil blomkamp for writing the ish of all ish.

the acting is really good, the subject matter is interesting to boot, the "gore" people speak of isn't what you think (don't think rob zombie or quentin tarantino)



  1. I really liked it too! It was a bit "heavy-handed" with the morality, but I was entertained and talking afterwards. I actually thought it would have made an awesome book--you could really get into the inside of people's (and alien's) decision making. Also, I'm curious since you're so into movies, but have you read any of the backlash about it being racist? http://io9.com/5340409/is-district-9-racist


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