tooting on your own horn is fine and dandy i guess but honestly i can't figure out for the life of me how i acquired ex boyfriend glue.

what is ex-boyfriend glue you ask...

well it's just the little issue of all my exes coming back at some point and saying "awww, tish you were such a great nice girl. i miss you"'s crazy uncanny and you'd think i'd be used to it by now but it still amazes me that these crazy fools have the nerve to pull such an act.

recently the beloved facebook we all worship sent me a message from someone using a false name. this false-named mcgee ended up being my first 'real' boyfriend in high school. the first guy who ever punked my arse basically sent me a message wanting to catch up. hmph.

i can't lie...i accepted his facebook friendship because i wanted to see if he was now fat and ugly (just keepin it real!) but alas the dude had nothing on his page...not one darn thing so i unfriended him. i'm cold like that.

when he figured it out that i had cut 'em he sent me a message asking why and requested my phone number.! i punked him a bit and sent him on his way.

there's a reason they're exes but like little oblivious cockroaches scurrying from their cracks they never die. they always come back!!!

you'd assume since i'm over them this wouldn't phase me...that it wouldn't even warrant a post BUT you assume wrong. how do you keep moving forward when your past keeps slithering back? i need some serious ex-girlfriend raid.

la cucaracha, la cucaracha...i'm not sad to see you go!


  1. Someone should sell "Ex-girlfriend Raid." It would make millions!

  2. i agree! lol

    it would prevent many women from going back to bums too!


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