a bunch of despites

it takes a very strong heart to endure what i am currently enduring.

i have spent four glorious days in middle earth (aka kansas city, mo) preparing and then executing the act of "get thy sister hitched and cry like a blubbering baby while doing it". (blog about this is coming!!!)

i enjoyed my time. no, i loved my time back home. my heart was beaming with the good stuff. pure joy.

this joy is a shocker considering i have battled the weirdest ailment known to myself: this weird urge to pee every 5 seconds ( i kid you not)

NO, it is NOT a UTI. NO i am NOT diabetic. (i have had both checked recently to verify this.) i just am WEIRD. if something weird needs to happen to someone, it'll most definitely happen to me. and i'll handle it weirdly...much like i did over the weekend. i slept a crazy amount of sleep and hardly drank or ate anything. swell, right? cranberry pills, holding it, sleeping thru it, wiggin out over it...nothing's worked. my doc refuses to answer his phones (joy!) and so i must wait until friday to figure out why my bladder is playing mr boombastic in my body.

despite my weirdness i STILL had the best time of my life. because i had such a kick arse time, i was hella reluctant to come home today. the plane (not only a torture chamber for those with pee pee probs) was shaky bumpy the whole time (a torture champer for those with fear of dying probs) AND i knew i'd be coming home to fires.

yes...the fires you see on the boob tube are actually affecting us in the valley. i came home to brown skies, soot covering my car and a sore throat. nice...

you smell that? it's the heavenly aroma of "why did i come home".

despite THIS weirdness i still managed to throw in two loads of laundry, download all my pictures from the wedding events, download some youtube yummies as far back as a year ago (i'm slow to the game-bite me) AND write this blog. i think i may also sew a hole i created in my purse over the weekend too.

so despite bladder wars, fatigue, raging fires, burning throats and home sickness i'm rockin out this day's end.

bow to me...for i.am.a.bad.mama.jama.


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