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i never thought i was a stickler for winning but something crawled up my butt and lit the ultimate fire a couple of weeks ago. i signed up a 4 person team to run 284 miles in a month's time. first group to hit 284 wins.

fyi my group rocks. we've remained in the lead the entire time. this fact warms my heart. it makes my feet lift off the floor and flap like a cartoon characters' feet do.

yesterday we found out we were in second place. ( i came down from that high with a thud) i swear some stupid team is cheating because we've consistently ran more miles than any other team...and all of a sudden this team has a 30 mile lead? i don't think so. three of the four of us went down to the gym on tuesday night and ran our little hearts out. one guy ran 16 miles. i ran 10.5 and the other chica ran 10+ (i haven't looked at her total yet) today i ran another 4 miles before work.

we are now in the lead (274 miles to their measly little 258). if we don't win i will seriously drop to the ground and die. just kill over. i've put my body through a strange and grueling process and that can't be in vain.

i feel kinda dope. it's not every day you push your body to its limits. while i'm sore as a mo fo and can barely keep my eyes open it's all good son. motivation has entered a new house. the house of pain...and i like it.

twilight venom

so i'm pretty much obsessed with the twilight book series. ( i think more than half of the population is) so you can imagine my delight when i found out that sephora has created a product called twilight venom. somebody upstairs loves me.

i may be on a budget. i may be refraining from buying anything and everything (with the exception of food and toilet paper for my bum) but i WILL have to buy twilight venom. i need the venom. who knew?! basically anything with twilight attached is "a" ok fine by me. heck if there was twilight hemorrhoid cream i'd buy it...i'd put venom under my eyeballs to keep the puff away if i could get it confirmed that it would make me more bella-like. you think i'm kidding don't you?

butt infatuations

i just asked how to spell hemorrhoid and folks in my space started laughing. apparently i talk a lot about my bum and things related to the bum. tooting, butt twitches, hemorrhoids, boils on the butt of humanity...yeah, i could see how they'd think this. do you think freud has a theory on this phenomenon?


  1. Freud DOES!!!! Don't worry about why I know this... Here it is:

    Psychosexual development

    Stage 2

    Anal phase
    In the anal stage of the psychosexual development the focus of drive energy (erogenous zone) moves from the upper digestive tract to the lower end and the anus. This stage lasts from about the 15th month to the third year of age. In this stage, the formation of ego continues.

    According to the theory, the major experience during this stage is toilet training. This occurs around the age of two (there may be fluctuations among different societies as to the age in which toilet training occurs), and results to conflict between the id, which asks for immediate gratification of its drives that involves elimination and activities related to it (such as handling fæces) and the demands of their parents. The resolution of this conflict can be gradual and non-traumatic, or intense and stormy, depending on the methods the parents will use to handle the situation. The ideal resolution will come if the child tries to adjust and the parents are moderate, so that the child will learn the importance of cleanliness and order gradually, which will lead to a self-controlled adult. If the parents put too much emphasis on toilet training while the child decides to accommodate, this may lead to the development of compulsive personality, extensively concerned about order and neatness. On the other hand, if the child decides to heed the demands of the id and the parents give in, the child may develop a messy and self-indulgent personality. If the parents react, the child will have to comply, but it will develop a weakened sense of self, since the parents were the ones who controlled the situation, not the ego.

    See Freud thinks your anal too... lol

  2. hmmm well i'm not ocd but i'm also not a fact i'm kind of "anal" about cleanliness (just not to the extreme) so maybe my mom only barely whooped my "butt" as a kid if i didn't potty.

    i'm sure my dad praising me for tooting didn't help either ;)


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