brain leaks for the weekend

scrunchy nightmare

so i'm looking for ideas on how to do my hair for my kid sister's wedding. i do like any nerd would and google "how to make a bun in your hair" and get this instructional video. i'm fascinated that ole girl narrator said i can secure my bun with a scrunchy...hmmm

i'm a doctor not a dork kirk! i swear people just don't ever show curly hair love. there's nothing out there. nada.

my hair adventures for middle earth wedding bliss continue on.

pasadena passes

so i promised my buddy i'd show him around my old hood in eagle rock (a tiny area right next to pasadena). i was already for some casa bianca pizza (heaven in slice form, i swear) and some fun shopping. we got neither of those goodies.

the shopping place lied on their web site. i raced the clock just to find out they closed an hour before i thought. doh! THEN casa bianca pizza had a sign up that read "on vacation until sept 8". WHAT?! since when do restaurants get to take vacations?!

the upside to all that madness is we've learned to go with the flow and seize the night. we ended up at one of my favorite spots in old town pasadena (mi piace) where we had not-so-nice service (but the food was yum!) then we took it to the streets in search of good dessert. OF COURSE this meant we had to go to 21 choices...i mean why stop with old school traditions at mi piace, right?

the peaches were frozen so i ended up with french vanilla ice cream, organic strawberries and cinnamon mashed into the mix. (can you say gobble gobble?) buddy went with french vanilla, strawberries, bananas and cap'n crunch cereal. i have to admit, that ish was goody goody gum drop good. mad points...

after that we hit up the book store and then made the chill drive home. we grooved to the verve remix. if you've never heard any of the verve remixes pick it up yo! great albums when the mood is chill and the stars out.

free 99?!

so i went to go get my stinkin tire fixed today. (i swear someone messed with my ish because the little valve was slit and that's why it was flat) i go to the joint expecting to have to shell out stupid cash and low and behold they charged me zip zero (stingy with dinero). i seriously acted a dang fool. the man handed me my slip and said "ma'am you're ready to go" so i went to the line to pay and ole boy had to come back over and say "no ma'am it's free. you're good to go" i didn't even care that he kept callin me ma'am like i'm old...FREE?! wha....

i think free is the best thing in the world. free should be bottled and mass distributed to the world.

we are the champions

that's running team WON! woo hooo!!!! in record timing too. we made it to vegas in 3 weeks : ) winning tastes good. i like winning for breakfast, lunch and dinner. uh huh. sure do.


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