because she'll say "i do"

so i may have mentioned my baby sister is getting married.

there's just something about that big blue-eyed little girl walking down that aisle that has me weepy like a willow tree.

for once i'm thankful i'm not the one making the speech at the reception because honestly i don't think i could keep it together. when my sis was little i used to worship her. i thought she was just the cutest little thing in human form. she had this GINORMOUS texas oddly large vocabulary (think of the little girl from the movie signs--"the water's contaminated") and a knack for saying the absurd "i was thinking in my mind".

she'd sit in my room, reading the poems i had written as a kid and listen to the song i said was hers alone ("the most beautiful girl in the world" by prince). if i wasn't mentally torturing the poor kid with stories of trolls and adoption (we kind of don't look alike--see pictures below) i was building the kid up. i've always had this instinctual need to make her see what i've always seen in her.

now there's a great guy who's asked her to marry and when she walks down the aisle those lyrics will be dancing around in my head. isn't it great watching the ones you love, love and be loved?

on sunday my kid sis an gets hitched and i couldn't be more happy. it's surreal and lovely. and i pretty much know that she'll be the most beautiful girl in the world.

the beginning: she was known as "dondadrea" back then...nina (other sis) was a bit 'special' as well

my side kick was by my side a lot...even thru my bully years

prince would be proud

future mrs varner


  1. aw. i really am a blushing bride.

    i love you. i can't wait until you're HERE!

    (omg, tomorrow!!!)


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