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Weird facts about little ole me:

I dig squeezing heinies. It’s a weird tick I have. If I see a booty in front of me, I immediately get the urge to squeeze…male or female-it matters not. my mom loves to scream at me when I do this to her but I know she secretly loves it…it’s my way of saying “hey I think you’re cool. honk honk”.

I am obsessed with reading the ny times wedding section. I seriously swim in the delicious journalism that Sunday article provides me. in no way shape or form do I personally want a wedding but I dig hearing about couples and how they met and how they’re wedding was cute quirky perfection. It makes me want to swing around lamp poles and tap dance a little.

I dig asian boys. Always have my whole life. I think it’s my mom’s doing. She said to me as a small kid that one day I had to grow up and marry an asian boy to keep the mixes going. it stuck.

THIS is the weird fact that will be the focus of today’s blog dear friends.

I realize there are some obvious problems with me digging this specific brand of boy.

I’m usually taller than most
I rarely see a guy with his arm around a mixed chick (if you catch my drift)

This isn’t fair by the way. I had a little date day with d yesterday and I voiced my frustrations about being left out of yet another secret society.

I questioned the poor lad and asked what a gal has to do to let it be known she wouldn’t be opposed to dating someone with asian persuasian.

D’s advice was to start hanging out in boba tea houses and karaoke joints. (I hate karaoke with a passion and refuse to participate…Maybe that’s where i goof up.)

But honestly… is that all?! two spots could guarantee a hot asian boy date? Obviously d is holding back (as usual) because I swear there’s gotta be some stamp I must place on my forehead that signifies I’m open and ready to date…like a monkey girl who shows her bum so the male monkey will know she’s ready to handle business. All I’m saying is pick the lice off me foo! Sling some pooh my way!

Sigh…is it because I’m not cute and petite? are ginormous girls a no go? I’m shrinking guys! I lost an inch according to the trainer at my gym…does that add to my appeal?


I’ll let ya’ll know what happens. I see lots of boba tea in my future.


  1. Oh yes, Asians rock!

  2. i gotta work on my "A" game...ha! get it?! get it?!

  3. all the more reason for you to visit me in Incheon...

  4. oh nice...i actually didn't think about that...hmmm

    how long you gonna be over there?


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