7 miles closer

i need to take a moment to honor my inner fitness diva. i've come a long way folks...

my company has its own gym and occasionally this gym comes up with contests to move the masses into action. the current contest is a race to vegas. basically we group into fours and we run or walk. whichever team gets to 284 miles first wins. we have a month to do this.

of course i had to pick all the runners i've ever tried to compete against downstairs while i'm doing my thing. i got one marathoner, one triathlete (FROM KANSAS PEOPLE!!!) and another gal who i've noticed running AFTER our abs and legs class (this is no easy task my friends)

so yesterday was the beginning of the contest. my goal was to run 3 miles (start out easy) but jersey was talking MAD ish so i had to bring it. i knew i had to push myself. i got on that treadmill...saw dudes from other teams get up beside me, smiled and took the heck off. 3 miles like it was nothing. stopped to take my hour abs and legs class (complete with power lunges, planks, massive amounts of squats and painful ab work outs) then got BACK on the treadmill...knocked out 3 more miles of running and one mile of walking.

rewind: i felt a cold coming on that morning, battled a case of some weird stomach issues (think dumb and dumber or charlotte from sex and the city...i'm just saying!), RAGING PMS and randomly enough, a damn bloody nose right before class.

everything about my day screamed "crawl into your bed and never get up foo!" but the competition was calling and i couldn't ignore it. don't tell me i can't win...i laugh at doubt. ha ha!

i left the gym feeling pretty darn good. i sang ladies night by lil kim. yes, the windows were down and yes, i DID rap her naughty parts of the song...LOUDLY. afterall, i was a bad mama jama. i completed 7 miles and got in a killer class that left pools of sweat chillin on the floor near my head.

i felt soooo much better too. a miracle considering i was a nasty lunatic pretty much the whole day. j and i shared pain i say! we vented "snarl" for the better half of the day and complained that we both needed mental vacations from life as we know it. i believe at one point i asked her what drug i could abuse to make my life look cool. she recommended crack. yes, it was THAT kind of day.

working out seriously changed all that. i've known this little secret for awhile but when you're in the midst of a major funk it's pretty darn easy to talk yourself out of a work out's magical side effects.

each swig of my water...water in, thoughts of singlehood sucking OUT. water in, thoughts of craptastic work day OUT. water in, thoughts of bills OUT...ahhhh. who knew water could be so therapeutic?

i think today i was smitten with working out. considering i was previously seeking crack to end my dismal suffering i'd say that's a pretty good turnaround. maybe working out is the new crack?...

3 cheers for tish, fit bottomed girl mcgee.

please take a moment to notice i now have definition in my arms AND that sweat covers my whole darn top. i'm proud of that sweat. darn tootin' proud.


  1. Yes, yes, YES! Working out is the new crack. This coulda been an FBG post girl! I might have to link to ya in FitLinks. :)

  2. Looking good! Can you race to Utah to motivate me? :)

  3. em you got it sister! i'll bring jersey boy...he's mastered the art of rubbing defeat in your face...motivates one to yell out eat my treadmill dust :)

  4. Nothing like a little motivation...lol!

    Just FYI my girl, Addie, commented on your fro comment (lol)... you can check it out here...


  5. hey thanks lady! ha! i'll check it out


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