when the universe speaks

When the universe speaks I listen. (well most of the time)

So I get into work today (fully prepared to cry at a moment’s notice) only to experience an explosion of emails from all my daily inspirational thingy-ma-jigs.

Honestly if I wouldn’t have read not one, not two but SIX different emails that basically described and assessed my situation down to the bone I might still be a stick in the mud. 6 is a lot when you’re trying to ignore coincidence though.

So I’m feeling pretty darn open, clear and happy. Yes, you heard me. the girl from yesterday, tears streaming down her face is actually content. Work is boring but I’m happy. (you know I had to throw that in). there’s just something about looking at the situation you just crawled out of. I basically had a little talk with myself and asked myself if I enjoyed wallowing in pain. When I finally got word that I really don’t enjoy it at all I pushed through the pain and started looking for what good crap I could muster out of the cracks of my pain’s fat arse. (you like that imagery?)

Beyond the 6, my boy d just suggested we see a chick flick this Sunday after I return from sacramento. This is rare and quite unusual actually so I know the universe is trying its darndest to perk me up…AND it’s working! The movie (500 days of summer) sounds like it’s right up my alley. Cynic meets a hopeless romantic and then you get to see all the gruesome ways they make each other miserable and happy. Mwahahahhaaaa….That’s what I’m talking about! And for the record D doesn't even know why his darling bud is upset. I sent out an email saying I didn't want to ever talk about where I went and who I went to see and all of my peeps responded back with a "sounds good to me". So d pretty much is being willed by God to perk me up...That' s my story and I'm stickin to it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “whoas me” I don’t know why but humans eat that crap up. (I guess I’m included since I am indeed human) People loved the movie “Swingers” because ole boy in it pined for a chick and they loved seeing a dude down and out…Well there were some other reasons it’s considered cool to watch but that’s a major part man! It’s not healthy people!

I can’t drink the kool aid anymore. I remember who I am…The girl I am cuts the mess out of pain. I find the little joys of life and squish them in my hands and squeal with kiwi power.

J sent me my very first edits on my book…The whole gosh darn thing is marked in red lol…About to dive into that and get down to business…Up from the muck!


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