when periods aren't enough: an ellipses kinda weekend

Last week my sentences went a bit like this. I broke. It hurt. I cried.

Then the weekend came along and my sentences expanded and life was good. I had the most amazing time in Sacramento:

I got off the plane. It was hot. we bar hopped. Each sip led to more of my ish pouring out and by drink 3 I was feeling light and right with the world. We met up with Chele’s friends later in the night and spent the next hour or so discussing reality tv and the two men dressed as women beside us. The randomness of it all was outstanding.

i spy an old man dressed as an old woman. him and his similar partner sat down at our table. they then proceeded to cup their ears because we were too loud. finally, they moved and told on us.

i was hiding from that awful evil sun. 100 degrees ain't funny

fire and ice: jalepeno juice liquor. nuff said. my lips plumped up.

pink panthers...growl

Your horoscope for July 19, 2009
Today an opportunity may come your way that could well cause you to consider changing your profession, Tish. Whatever you've been involved with previously, education, perhaps involving metaphysical or philosophical subjects, could be singing its siren song to you right now. Is transforming your working life the correct thing for you to do right now? Only you have the answers. Think carefully. Bear in mind that this opportunity may be a gift from the universe. Then follow your heart.

(I seem like a horoscope terd lately, don’t i? well when they’re right on I can’t help but post that ish)

Basically when we went out Saturday night a kind friend of a friend decided to drop some major news on me. the guy might be able to get me in good with some crazy famous producers…meaning the friend of a friend for some reason is down for helping me with acting.

If you hadn’t noticed I haven’t blogged about acting in quite some time. i had taken some time off from my constant obsessing. I was listening to the guy and taking his card and wondering what the heck that emotion was bubbling up inside me…later I would learn this was excitement—something I haven’t experienced in so long and my night just bubbled over with new-found giddiness.

Could it be that my dream’s hopes hadn’t died? That I could still open myself up to a possibility…

Sunday I flew home and stepped inside my apartment long enough to drop my suitcase and leave again. d and I had a date to see 500 days of summer and when I say it’s THE Movie of 2009...I’m not lying!

it was so brilliant! The first show we tried to see was sold out so we settled for the 5:00 showing and grabbed some food and some beers. I was delightfully buzzed by the time we sat in our seats and then the movie started and the buzz exploded from all the tasty goodies that movie offered. I recommend EVERYONE see it when it hits your neighborhood.

You would think that a movie about a lover of love who falls for a cynic would be the worst medicine for a heartbreak kid but you’d be wrong. it was definitely painful in parts (the movie is refreshingly honest) but it packed enough sweetness to get me through. (Sometimes we all need a little spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.)

The weekend left me feeling so complete and hopeful. the movie, the possible acting hook up…I love having these lovely possibilities around the corner.

true friends put green sheets on the guest bed for you

jules says "el fin dot dot dot"


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