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oh friends...this will be a long one. i hate long blog posts too. it's been proven that folks don't like to read online articles that take more than a couple of minutes so i apologize now...

i've just had THE most amazing time in my home town state/city and i have to gab. i'll try to keep it short and sweet but if i fail, i suggest reading in chunks. break it up yo...i promise i won't be sad.

so here's how the week o' perfection went:

day 1

1. arrive in kc
2. go with jen to her parent's pad and hang out with second family
3. meet up with hubby and best guy friend "fat" and see 3D movie "up"

day 2

1. wake up and work out with jen...yes you heard me right. we rock like that. bring on the planks and wall sits!
2. go to grandma marlene's hizzouse and visit with gram and great granny
3. get sparklers
4. cook food for 4th par-tay
5. god kids come over with mommy and hang out for hours
6. after kids skidaddle drink way too much sangria and moon shine. yes you heard me right
7. play dominoes with jen & ryan's peeps

day 3

1. go to royals game
2. nap
3. watch tennis finals with gang followed by second chick flick

day 4

1. wake up and run 3 and something miles with jen
2. grab smoothies
3. go to oceans of fun where we ride rides like we're 10 again, lay out by pool and drink like we're 21 again
4. grab planet sub--yellow sub/lawrence, kc shout out!
5. go to no doubt concert...best show i've EVER been to

day 5

1. get coffee with jen, take her to work
2. drive to gram's house and hang with the fam bam
3. pick up jen at lunch and go to airport...bye bye kc

i skipped a whole lotta detail in there BUT basically i had the time of my life. i was nicknamed the bobble-head kid because i could not keep my eyes open most days. we did so much... i was out in a heat i know not anymore (lol) and was drinking copious amounts of alcoholic beverages so i basically slept the entire flight home. i'm sure i drooled a bit...

i got some great family history while home that will hopefully help me respect my past and those that have passed a bit more.

i got some great time in with the best bud. i swear we laughed so hard at the dang water park we had people near us laughing..."look at the bubbles. i make bubbles" is going down in the books.

i experienced the best concert EVER too...when i say that these folks (no doubt) were on stage entertaining the crap out of us i kid you not. i don't know how the band could keep up that much energy but i've already demonstrated the jumps they did twice to my cubby buddy at work. (sorry ian...for jumping in your personal bubble) and now i'm pooped.

most importantly i fell back in love with my home town. it's gotten so beautiful and they've done so much to the place...i got an itch... a very small itch to move back home and be closer to the folks i love and the area that is changing before my eyes. it was such a good weekend. jen's the tasty (miss chef extraordinaire and red head spicy gal) and i'm the whimsical goof. together we create some really great totally sweet times.

coming home was hard...i can't lie but la did a darn good job of making it easier. the weather was 10 times better than the midwest, the people were actually being sweet and friendly, i got a flyaway with the quickness and my buddy came over to help me with my transition back to my norm...i swear i can feel myself getting lighter...i'm turning into a leaf in the wind. where i end up is yet to be determined.


it's gettin' betta & betta

we won!!! the royals won! i think fat is crying...

my fav couple

happy 4th ! i kept calling these "sprinklers" i make fire wata!!!

callie did sparklers for about .5 seconds and then took off running. that's her in the bottom right corner sprinting away

the 3D gang


  1. i loved reading your blog! Made me miss KC too! We may be moving that way in a year or so.


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