shiny day

blogger just erased my ish. i will not let this challenge my previous post though.

i WILL have a good why am i having a shiny day? because i say so.

because your darling tishy finished the very first "real" draft of her very first real book. did i mention i'm writing a book? well in case ya didn't get the memo i have been writing a book for months. it started as something else back in november and slowly morphed into something totally me and i totally love it. it's my baby.

so yeah i plan to personally deliver the printed copy to my best bud tomorrow and i can not wait! the woman is a phenomenal writer and a constructive brilliant editor so i'm jumpin like jellybeans for her to hack and slice into this puppy and make my baby perfect.

more than anything i'm thrilled that tomorrow i'll be in kc. today is gonna pass like gas yo. lately i've been a walking zombie. i just don't really know which direction my future is going in. for me, the best thing to do when faced with such a conundrum is going home...mentally & physically. see where you've been, find who you are and the truth will come. (bet ya'll didn't know i got my yogi license in the mail 2 days ago did ya?!)

all i know is my mind is already on that plane and i'm already taking that trip. we plan to do some totally wicked stuff. we're laying by pools at the local water spot (time to brown up--pink up for my girl since she's an english sun goddess--aka red head), going to shakespeare in the park, drinking mad spirits, working out like crazy (we plan to run a huge stretch one of the days and lift--this happens when your best friend is a fitness nut), visiting with my gram, my godchild, my boy fat, catch a baseball game, catch THE no doubt concert and of course see a couple of movies (for some reason my best bud forgets that the theater is mecca until i come home to roost).

more than anything though i can't wait to just laugh and talk with my girl...i start to twitch when we're a part for too long.

it is time for some shiny...happy 4th everybody!!!


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