sexy reading beast

i have found the one beautifully positive crack of sunshine in our otherwise dismal economic sky.

when times get hard and money thin, people get savvy. thrifty becomes becomes golden.

what am i rappin' about you ask. BOOK SWAPPING!

so i occasionally get on this site for bookworms called and so some lovely person from the site invited me to come out and book swap. i grabbed a new bud who shares a love for books like little ole me (i'll call her L dizzle) and we scooted on down to the west side for some bookworm action.

i came back with a gang of books and had a hella fun time watching people's personalities poke out as they scooped up chick lit, mysteries, how-to's and other goodies. i seriously felt like i was hustlin' folks because i came away with some really awesome books. one in particular is a book referenced in sex and the city (the movie). carrie reads from a book of love letters. i picked it right up wondering if it was the same book and turned to the very page she and big read from...sigh, hearts..."wuv...sweet wuv"

it gets betta though. the author of peony pavilion was there. i JUST finished reading her book. coincidental? i think not! i listened as she went thru her family history and the inspiration that led to her new book. it's so fun getting into people's heads, don't you think?

i dig book swapping.


it's what's for dinner.


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