me need!

i'm about to type out a phrase no one likes to type. i'm on a budget.

budgets suck arse. yeah, yeah i understand being cheap, frugile and all those other words synonomous for broke are supposed to inspire the creativity lurking inside but it's no fun really.

it was definitely not fun once i found this lovely little gem in the ny times style section (bliss)

what is this beautiful treasure before me?! i mean it combines my love of t shirts (midwest girl lives ever on in my bones) and also gives me the awesome opportunity to blab my business to the world without lifting a finger or opening my trap....what?

this is one of those moments where my wants and needs bleed together...

this just might have to be my one and only splurge for september. (my kid sister's marriage trumps all spending delights for the month of august.)

but whatever shall i need help with?! oh the drama of choosing the perfect plea.

HELP, i need a life

HELP, i'm crazy

HELP, i've tooted in my pants

HELP, i pick bad boys

HELP, i obsess over the color green

HELP, i listen to pop music

HELP, i'm an emotional cutter

HELP, i blog too much

i guess i have a month to decide.

t shirts are the best thing since sliced bread!


  1. thanks jen for further inspirations...

    Help I use the word dig

    Help I don’t know where my butt went

    Help I can’t dance

    Help I’m a struggling actress

  2. I don't suppose they can do images...

  3. dude, that would be WAY cheap to make yourself--get different color iron-on letters, or an iron-on paper if you want more font options, and a cute cheap tee, and there you go! you could even have a "tshirt making" party to spread out the cheap fun... along with some cheap wine ;)

    btw, in case you can't tell, i've been on a budget for, hmmm, 10 years now, so i'm pretty good at making my own fun (and tshirts!)


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