Luving the Questions

I have a new “be your best you” project cooking in my brain.

I was casually reading through a list of books celebrities dig when I came across a blurb on the book Rilke: Rilke on Love and Other Difficulties. There’s this Yoda-like quote that perked my ears:

“You are so young, so for all beginning, and I want to beg you, as much as I can, to be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.”

Why should I love the questions? Is there beauty in not knowing? Is it one of those “ignorance is bliss” theories?

I feel like my brain is blocking any and all reasonable thought regarding me being a sound, sensible person of sanity. (I dig the alliteration!)

I can do this. I know I can break it down and attempt an effort at whatever it is this genius on matters of the heart preaches.

If uncovered, this knowledge will lead me to Zen happy time. (I just know it! I feel it in my bones!) I’ll be more patient with acting, dating, friendships, aspirations overall… watch out Laura Croft! There’s a new treasure hunter in town.

Right now I’m being stupid. Emo Tish is totally kicking rational dun-witty Tish’s rump so bare with me. Here are the questions that I will try to love:

  • What’s the point of having a friend that you have a crush on and can do absolutely nothing about? Is that crap healthy?

  • Is it possible to love and hate at the same time?

  • When’s the guy gonna call with the acting “call of all calls”?

  • Is it ok to stop making plans with friends in order to save up every penny I can for Europe trip 2010?

  • Is my bottom shrinking from abs and legs class?
    Should I take a class at Burn 60 to shake things up?

  • Is clear skin and regular cycles enough to keep me taking the pill?

  • Is it wise to keep listening to the 500 days of Summer soundtrack over and over again? I mean I could get sick of it and it’s the type of album you never want to get sick of.

OK…so me loving these questions means I have to understand what they represent…That being said I guess I can deduce the following:

  • I never have to worry about my heart closing up. I’m constantly always crushing and opening up my heart-a-roo.

  • Acting is still in my heart. This surprises me actually.

  • I’m cool because going backpacking through Europe is courageous and necessary for someone bent on staying in comfortable bubbles.

  • I’ve turned into a health nut. It’s somehow permeated into my day-to-day and I dig it.

  • Messing with Mama Nature (i.e. my bawd) scares me a bit.

  • I love music and I’m loyal as heck. Once I dig something I dig it for life (usually) but music nowadays doesn’t stick for long and that makes me sad. I really want some of the new stuff I’ve been peeping to stick…the aforementioned soundtrack and bands like The Bird and the Bee and CocoRosie are on my dig for life wish list.

So is that correct? Am I doing this whole love the questions thing correctly? Hmph…I’ll wait for the universe’s yes, no, maybe so.


  1. I am the voice of the universe and I say YES!!!

    Btw, the Return of Saturn for us is next year, not this year. lol. Big Boy told me wrong!!!

  2. Love this post! Super insightful...

    I'm brimming full of questions also. But what is life without the unknown. A little mystery keeps things interesting! Of course, the dilemma is that it is soooooo easy to get bogged down by all the unanswered questions. What is a girl to do? (Opps... another question, sorry!)

    (So, I have never heard of the group the Birds and the Bees before. I've looked them up on Pandora Radio. Very cool!)

  3. Sweet! a new bird and bee Luva. I recommend "the polite dance song" and "f-ing boyfriend". two greats in my opinion.

    i'm trying with the questions ya'll...i'm trying :)

  4. I found myself saying yes to almost all of your questions! :) Great post.

    I'm looking up your music recommends right now... ;)

  5. ooo goody emily!

    hope you likey. while you're at it check out CocoRosie "by your side"


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