the land of more of balti

i'm a jet setter. i'm a pimp. i have ho's in different area codes. (no offense j)

this lovely friday i will hop on yet another plane and journey to the 20th largest city in the united states of america. according to wikipedia baltimore is the shiznit but i go not for the architecture and booming service sector-oriented economy but rather to visit my dear friend ole boy, once known as email boyfriend (eb).

yes i am traveling again. no i have not unpacked my ish from my kc trip. i'm still adjusting i say. while i know i don't have the kind of zeal i held for the plane taking me home, i am still pumped up to visit. ole boy is a cool cat. we have a good time. we laugh bunches. we are attending a most awesome event known as rock the bells which will feature some of my favorite hip hoppers (tech9 will be there yo!!! shout out to kc!!! although PLEASE never think tech9 is in tishy's top fave's list) as well as seeing the city.

i'm all for new places this summer. it's happened. i can feel myself breaking away from los angeles. soon i'll be flittering about searching for the next tree to plop to and nest in so roaming about the country this summer is most excellent. not that i'm considering baltimore!...too cold for the old. BUT it is good to get out and see what's crackalackin out there on the east side. i know you're jaw is hanging open right now. how could a type "A" crazy nut like me flitter about looking for a new place to roost...i'm a pisces man...type "A" ain't got nothin' on my little fish swimming in the other direction! the little guy likes to make sure i'm a walking contradiction whenever possible.

so yeah this summer is all about the nonchalant walk summer i get down to business. i've started saving for my europe 2010 trip with my good pal fat and hopefully something worthy grabs my heart's attention and sends me off on some new adventure in some new place. why not?

i've planned two more trips for the summer. keep your eyes peeled...the fish pulls me ever on : )


  1. I have a friend from LA who just moved to Baltimore - coincidence?

    Hope you have a fabulous time!

  2. too cold, huh? well at least you won't need a jacket and a blanket at night. :P

    let the good times roll!

  3. You can move to Jersey cutie ;)


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