i'm a project chick

Not from the projects but rather someone who is someone else’s project. : )

I wonder if it was the secret society blog or maybe I just look like a sad lonely puppy that has caused a random shift in my dating universe.

For the first time in my life, in a two week period, I have had two different folks approach me about wanting to set me up with one of their friends/brother.

First friend approach:

Guy from my work and his cute girlfriend—so the guy approaches me and asks if I’m single, then gives me the disclaimer that he never does this but him and his girl both think I’d be perfect for the girlfriend’s brother. He gives me the run down of how he wants it to go down (happy hour where we all casually meet up)

Second friend approach:

Girl from high school finds me on facebook—so the lovely chick messages me on facebook and tells me one of her guy buds saw my pic and started asking questions about what kind of gal I was. She tells me he’s a really swell guy and suggests we start talking on fb to see if there’s a connection there.

I’m scratching my head right now…don’t get me wrong I’m TOTALLY flattered but what am I suddenly exuding that flashes “fix me up” with folks. I’m not a dating snot by any means (if you read my blogs or know my sad little behind you know this) but a girl should always know what vibes she’s throwing out unconsciously into the universe, no?

I’ll let you know how project save a single girl goes.


  1. "You're a jet setter, you're a pimp, you have ho's in different area codes", therefore you have no time for dating. Lol!

    I guess it's kind of interesting when people try to set you up. Please do let the blogging world know if you pursue any of the offers made by both parties. Great blog, you're a riot!


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