i sorta am

i sorta am:

A Music Snot

Aren’t music snots supposed to be really knowledgeable and loyal to specific albums? (They know all the background bull like where the band went to high school and whether or not they liked peas or carrots as toddlers.) I’m not in that league of hoity toity music snotties but after an incident I had this morning I’m thinking I might have snot tendencies.

A dude at my work asked if we could swap ipods for the day so he can rip all my music off tonight. I reluctantly agreed…scared out of my mind and rightfully so. ole boy has the most boxed-in boring songs on his pathetic little mp3. it’s all r&b and rap and not the good stuff. isn’t it considered vogue nowadays to be eclectic? I almost want to b slap him for being so humdrum.

Switch it up home slice. I’m desperately thankful for my crackberry app “pandora”…for without this device I would be a very unhappy little snot.

Song for the day: grow up and blow away by metric.

Word to your mother.


I enjoy being creepy. Jersey lives in this apartment complex with this really creepy open space area that seriously reminds me of something out of clockwork orange. Every time I go down it I do the bad guy walk which embarrasses the guy to no end but I seriously can’t help it. Cyber stalking, spooky walks and random blank stares directed to complete and utter strangers are fun. Try it some time. I promise you’ll laugh.

Structured Obsesso

I tend to ‘loop’ ideas, concepts and situations in my head until my brain wants to bleed out thru my ears. Most of the time this obsessive tendency is wrapped around relationship talk and it was annoying me to no end yesterday so j and I came up with three things I’m allowed to obsess over (not one of which involves boys tickling or tugging at my homologous structure which consists of four chambers—otherwise known as my heart.)

The dirty three include the book I’m writing, acting and my friendships. That’s it. that’s all I can loop my obsessive nature around. the crazy thing is it’s working. If I catch myself drifting towards the male gender my thoughts jump to one of the three. So far it’s all good. I feel empowered and dude-like. I am in control…ahhhhh.


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