give me a shot of the green stuff in a dirty glass

Yesterday after work I delightfully kicked it. I went to a nice little pizza joint at the corner of Ventura and Van Nuys, ate one too many knots (a big ole ball of garlic bread) and then meandered over to Jamba Juice for a quick wheat grass shot to purify the demons I just put into my body.

According to the cute little high school boys behind the counter wheat grass is magical. One shot of the stuff three times a week can make you invincible…and more than likely turn your pooh green. (Both of these things make my heart go pitter pat.)

The shot got me thinking…If only wheat grass could purify my life like it does my bawd. What would a wheat grass life look like?

I’m slowly but surely coming around in terms of dating perspective. I just finished reading this book about a woman who applauds her husband up and down for sticking by her side while she went through one of the darkest moments of her life. I think I can patiently wait for a ride or die mick. (Aussie word!!! Ha ha! rhymes with chick. I’m cool!)

I have raging pms at times. ( right now actually). Moments like this would require my mick to say the magic words, “you have tooted in your pants and you are now one with the world” or something else that would release me from the throws of intense anger. If instead, ole boy walks or thumps me on the head for being mean it’s a no go.

Maybe that’s what a wheat grass life would look like.

I did more personal space purging last night…I ‘m thinking I’m going to put up shelves to store my ever-growing book collection. Seeing books piled up unevenly in my closet makes my butt twitch.

Maybe a simplistic clutter free space is what a wheat grass life would like. I’m down for all of the above.


  1. Or how about a wheat grass shot for your job?! lol. I think we could all use that.

  2. I love wheat grass! I drink that stuff as often as I can. The local juice bar in Columbia only gets one shipment of it a week, so it always goes really fast. Whenever they have it, it's such a treat!


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