geography dreams

i could move to seattle. i'd wear black tank tops and one thin gold ring on my thumb. i'd forgo makeup and throw my hair back in long ponytails, curl up with books and basque in the rainy days

maybe austin--pigtails and sunshine. nights on 6th street, one hand clutching a beer, the other hidden in the pocket of a faded blue jean (not necessarily my own)

manhattan would invite turtlenecks and glasses to night tables. deep red wines' legs could dance all night and pontifications would rein supreme

other places pop in and fade out...but the idea remains. some day i'll move and i'll start a new life and my surroundings will color how i live my days and i'll be a changed lady.

and my friends will say i've lost my mind...thank God.


  1. Nothin' wrong with losing your mind...just as long as you are happy. Sane people are boring anyway.

  2. Wouldn't that be funny if we ever lived in the same city again? I'd move to austin...


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