a gentle conversation with d

i heart my pal d. he's a good man. we tend to have the best, most random conversations and i can be totally frank & rank with him which i LOVE.

i'd like to share one such sick sad and twisted convo from tonight.

setting: driving down my dark street. coming home from seeing a movie.

i'm driving when all of a sudden two punk kids dash out into the street, touch the ground and run back. they were SO close to being flattened like a pancake.

conversation goes as such...

me: whoa! stupid ass kids! i could have so just totaled both of them. why does boredom lead to random flirts with death?

don: i dunno but that was dumb as heck.

me: would i have gone to jail if i hit them?

don: yeah i think so.

me: well that would have been pissy! i would have been pissed off man.

don: yeah i would have to bake a file into a cake for you. that would not be good.

me: damn kids...

no concern for the boys. it was all about me, myself and don's unwillingness to bake. if you can't be ugly with your friends, who can you be ugly with?


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