fried as a pickle

by the time you receive this message my brain shall be fried like a pickle. i'll be chillin on the east coast trying to survive off of 4 hours of hopefully sleep.

like a dingle dork i thought it would be swell to take a red-eye out and i know now i will suffer for this decision. today, friday, i have just completed 3 miles of running at a pace i am so not used to just so i will be uber exhausted once i get on the plane...a gal has to sleep thru the night you know. she has to be perky and alert once she hits the east coast so she can snap snappity snap pics of all her fun fun fun adventures. that's the goal any hoo.

enough about that though! the real reason for this post is i'm heck of excited for 3 things:

#1: i am happy to report that my cuzzo shell bell and her friend will be going to europe around the same time as me so we're planning to do the dang thing TOGETHA! mwahahahhaaaa look out europe! plus my best bud je might be there at the same time too...july j?

#2: i have successfully named two vehicles this week for friends and fam. i love love LOVE to name anything and everything. i have a knack for it i think... i named fat's motorcycle "fire storm" and shell's care "ichiro"...ichi for short. it just tickles me rotten.

#3: my bud is currently in ny calling me from his cell phone to report that he is taking pictures of all the fun places he loves that he wants to show me. i have not a clue if i'll ever make it out to the big apple with him this year being that i'm about to become euro poor but it's the thought of someone snappin pics for my heart's delight that melts my butta.

it's the little things that make me giggle & gaw.

word to your mother...


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