fit bottomed girl you make the rockin' world go round

i read back thru a couple of my blogs and noticed i hadn't done my gratuitous friend praise in a while. my friends rock. they rock because they're quirky and interesting. they're intelligent and entertaining and most importantly they know how to befriend folks in the sweetest of ways.

j is all of this and a bag of baked chips. i seriously wake up some mornings and beam light because i'm so happy the big honcho upstairs placed her in my life. she's pretty great and really successful. she started this delightful site you may have heard of, the lady can write--a fact i've always known, but this little truth was magnified (to infinity and beyond!) once she started this quirky fun blog with one of her best friends about fitness.

for the last year i've read and cheered her on. then the moment every friend with a pen dreams of came along. she asked me if i wanted to be a guest writer for her blog baby. i think i shed a tear. of course i accepted and before i could say "i love fit bottoms" i found myself at a spin class with my good pal and trainer friend "jersey".
at the time i was a fit buff chick. (i stress then because since then i've travelled for the last three weeks, drank copious amounts of 21 and over liquid concoctions and skipped my abs and legs classes 3 times in a row.)
jersey and i went to this amazing spin class and rocked it OUT. we had a blast sweating to the music. (yeah you heard me right) we each wrote up what we thought of the experience and submitted it to the fbg editing gods. that lovely piece will appear in this thursday's fitbottomed girl post so check it out.

jersey and i were honored to be a part of the process. i mean my girl trusted me & my body to not DIE in that class which means my tiny puny lazy self has come a long way AND she trusted us to write about it. score for tishy.
three snaps for fit bottoms man! and three finger wags for me. since last week i've been back in the gym 5 times a week gettin my fitness on. running, abs and legs and some arm work outs should keep the huff & puff fatigue fits at bay.

game on suckas!

we rep HAWD!

you know it had to be green: keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk

jersey supports his fit bottomed boy luv


  1. I love you!!!!!! You guys are too cute in your FBG apparel, too. How did you convince him to get a pic in those? Those are his drawers! HEHE!

  2. This is so cool, Tish! Can't wait to read!


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