dudes are worse than girls

It is common knowledge. Every body knows it but few follow it faithfully (alliteration!)

You do NOT ditch your dudes or dudettes once you land a honey. It’s a code both genders are SUPPOSED to follow but seldom do.

I’m hanging with a guy bud tonight that I seriously haven’t kicked it with in two years…yeah you heard me. the reason for our long break? you guessed it…he got a chick, fell in luuuuuv and that was the end of tishy time.

I didn’t mind this so much. I realize this happens. i’m in love with love so my excitement tends to outweigh any bitterness but that didn’t stop j today from freaking out that ole boy popped back into the picture.

After much explanation I reminded her that we, me and her, have a common friend that she loves dearly who used to be my chitty chat buddy consistently for months and then as soon as he landed a serious honey all but forgot about the crazy curly-haired chick out in la la land.

Like I said…it happens. Often.

So this got us (j and i) ranting. Dudes can be far worse than girls when it comes to breaking code. They don’t obsess over relationships quite like gals do so when they do meet someone sweet as honey they flip the heck out and pack a mental bag for two, ship and sail. (say that five times fast!)

I have created a name for these types of men—these men who act like girls…WORSE than girls because they bring their feisty competitive testosterone to the girlie table. Simply put, they’re “dirls”—part dude, part girl.

Dirls invade our lives and produce eye rolls. Dirls cause us to listen to songs like Amy Winehouse’s “Stronger than Me”. They make us second guess wanting a more sensitive bloke who recites poetry and cries in chick flicks.

More than anything I propose we wedgie-fy dirls because they get away with doing what girls get knocked for. When a guy ditches his friends for the goddess incarnate we lovingly step aside, wondering if this girl is “the one”. (We forget ‘ole boy has indeed ditched and deuced 3 times before.)

The next time your guy, buddy, boy whatever says, “dang women…” cursing us like we’re the worst thing since the bubonic plague kindly remind them that they can bring the wackness like the best of ‘em. Dang dirls…


  1. I was thinking that if you had decided to combine the word "boy" with girl, instead of "dude," then you would have gotten "birl." and then you could have a "burly birl"

    hee hee


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