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Dispelling Evil

Griping on facebook and reading the comments that trickle back totally melts away any and all anger. Today’s rant produced some darn good entertainment for my funny bone’s delight.

Alter Ego

I rarely straighten my hair. I work out pretty much every dang day during the week so it’s just about pointless but my body’s been aching so I’m taking 2 days off (rebel). My favorite thing is coming into work and saying hi to people and receiving back confusing looks (um do I know you trick?!)

People seriously walk right by me. I like to think I could straighten my mess out and walk around like Eddie Murphy in his infamous SNL skit where he dresses like a white guy and sees how life is when black folk aren’t in the room. I realize curly hair or not I couldn’t really pull off that type of experiment but maybe I could shake some questionable friends up. mwahahahaaa

picture provided by Neah Amos ( a woman bent on exposing my whackness)

Phatty Girl

I went down to my gym for my 6 week percentage of body fat check (I don’t dig scales…what do they show, really?) I’ve lost 2 percentage points since I first measured 12 weeks ago. That’s what I’M talking about son! The trainers down at the gym said guys body fat is ideal at 15%. I’m a 19% so I can now consider myself “athletic”…I couldn’t have been more proud. One large pat on the back for a fit bottomed gal! To keep the momentum going I’m about to start training for marathon training. (Blink twice. Yes, you read correctly.) I’ll be doing some abs and legs strengthening, yoga and some inside/outside running. Pretty soon you’ll look up "kick arse hoss"
in the dictionary and see a picture of me cheesin’.


  1. Congrats, you, athletic grrrrrl, you!!!! I'm excited to hear about your upcoming marathon! :)

  2. Yay!!! I can already tell that you're fitter than you were in that yoga pic. :) (Although you still look great in it!)


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