4 years of wonder woman

where does time go?!

i, my dear friends, have lived in this crazy place for four whole years. in my first ever blog i documented the process...it's crazy how recent and distant that feels.

it goes by so quickly. yes, every one says this. (i never claimed to be profound or or insightful.) so much has happened since i've been here. heck, i've been in a scene with the star of a tv show, been touched by debbie allen, blown thru a scene on young and the restless, auditioned for a STUPID amount of crap, embarrassed myself, excited myself, lost myself, found myself...

this day four years ago i stepped on california soil and let the possibilities attack my soul. i'd be lying if i said the truth didn't paralyze me on impact. those beginning days weren't too eventful. at times i couldn't move from my uncle's living room chair. i'd watch mtv videos and wonder what the heck had forced me to move out here. to this day i don't know what finally got me moving but i did and i've never stopped.

the thing about going after your dreams is you become invincible in a sense. i packed up a very substantial sweet life, smashed it to smithereens and then packed the remaining pieces into a cute sebring and drove across states to find something myths and legends are made of. i sound dramatic but i seriously had NO CLUE what i was doing, how to do it, where to do it, when to do it...lol.

looking back i should have left after the first month but i didn't.

i can do anything now. i know what life and home means. i understand patience and strength. i've learned to be cautious without being skeptical and most importantly i've learned to dance in the questions (and luv them apparently).

i'm a true adventurer...worry-freak or not i've become my own super hero...pushing through anything and everything for something i know in my heart to be good. (i.e. my acting dream...you know, the whole point of this darn blog)

here's to four lovely years and many many more years of going after dreams, both new and old. happy birthday to the wonder woman inside of me!

j & i the day we made it to california. fitting that i looked like a hillbilly...the cute girl from the midwest would go thru infinite changes (both physically and mentally...and thank goodness for that cuz seriously...i was wearing overalls.)


  1. But think of all the people you never would have met if you'd left (I'm speaking of the good ones here).

    Also, tradition is tradition and must be upheld - we need an anniversary celebration!


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