zac sunderland

has anyone been following zac sunderland's adventures on the open seas?

i had some time to kill this afternoon before my abs and legs class started so i sat down in the front of the gym and picked up an espn. the kid on the cover intrigued the heck out of me.

this 16 year old kid is sailing across the world as i type. the article talks about his challenges and triumphs...his realizations that he can do or be anything. it was inspiring as heck to read.

the dude is 17 and gets "it". i think i'm gonna have to keep that article for awhile...i'm jealous of the kid. i'm sure he's had a couple of mental breakdowns (understatements abound) alone out there for an entire year but he's discovered the world and himself...something many of us take a life time to do.

my cousin has asked me to take off a week of work and go to costa rica with her. i'd have to take unpaid time but maybe a trip outside...time to be alone on a beach in a place i've never been before is just what i need.

zac says we should do something hard once a year...what's my hard? lol am i in my hard now? lol who knows...


  1. Yeah, I heard about that kid. Inspirational, yet kinda dangerous, what with the Somali Pirates floating up at any given moment, amongst God knows what else.

  2. I hadn't heard of this kid...interesting.

    I like the idea of doing something hard once a year. Can we do it together? Does the marathon count?! LOL.


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