a wonder of a day

so check this out...today has been divine, ethereal, inspiring and lovely to a T.

my tire was a mere $14 fix. indeed an evil nail had punctured the heart of my dear sweet tire,but i was fortunate enough to meet a magic sorcerer named pep boy who gave my tire the elixir of life and now i'm all to the good. the way there was a bit scary i'll admit. (this is one of those times i growl i'm single and alone). i was going 30 the whole time praying to God i didn't bust my spare or get cussed out by one of those los angeles hoodlums you always hear are causing a ruckus on sunday early mornings. fortunately for me, none of those nasty scenarios went down and i came out of the situation all smiles.

lesson learned from annoying experience: i think i needed to slow things down and enjoy the ride. once the tire was back in the land of the living i decided to keep with the 30 mph pace and enjoyed my favorite new thing known as june gloom. ain't it grand? look at those beautiful grey clouds!

the beauty of june gloom inspired me to stay out and about so i rolled on over to my hood's farmer's market. i LOVE farmer's markets!!! (mine in particular) it's the only place i can hear the sounds of caribbean steel drums & folk guitar, smell curry mixed with sunflowers & roses and see diablo cody look-a-likes mixed with yuppy dads with kiddoes firmly planted on shoulders.

don't ya just love keepin' it local?!

nothing like fresh basil in the morning

i came away with pretty flowers


and my new favorite fruit: the pluot

my lovely sunday morning inspired me to finally finish my little art project too. (well for now...it's an on-going thang i suppose.) behold the wall of ART!
(thunder sounds)

zany pics i've taken or had taken thru out the years of me and the ones i hold dear. everyone needs a luv wall in my opinion.

i was thinking of staying with all black frames with white matting but it comes off so strict and formal looking...thus the sudden splash of other kinds of frames. what do ya'll think?

the rest of the day will consist of random whatevers. i'm currently listening to the bird and the bee. they are this band that i read about randomly in a small blurb in my o magazine and i'm absolutely in love with them. i feel like their sound can be described visually. it's like walking into a pinkberry store. there are these quirky, almost disturbing simple toys you can buy...or better yet the music is like sitting in this bedroom CLICK. just whimsically haunting tunes that lullabye you to sleep.
i recommend "polite dance song".

i'm SO diggin today!


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