respecting, drinkin tea and blistering up

i love when i complain about something (ahem being bored) and then that situation spins itself into something i dig.

since last week was the worst kind of boring hell ever this weekend decided to pity me and fill itself with yummy goodness.

friday night i left my hollywood bowl virginity behind and went and saw aretha franklin. one of my girls actually scoffed at the idea of seeing her live which i TOTALLY don't get. this week more than any we've learned that our pop icons and living legends should never be taken for granted so i scooted my way to the bowl with my pal maria.

it's well known that miss thang is a dare devil (and i am not!) so i knew going in she would probably make me jump seats to closer ones (which scares the goody two-shoes pants off of me) but i did it...i just swigged the bottle of wine we bought to help take the edge off ;)

we ended up getting really good seats with some of her work pals and we danced in the aisles, drank wine and sang our little hearts out for 3 straight hours. aretha did the darn thing and gave me some major chills. it's not every day you get to witness the QUEEN!!! halle berry, angela bassett as well as jesse jackson and others were there to see her sing the hell out of that bowl? arena?...that last time she came to the bowl was 35 years ago or something crazy like was an experience i'll remember for the rest of my life.

she was singing "freeway of love" with these awesome samba dancers on stage...random? yes but amazing nonetheless

you know i had to go to the 13th sink to wash my hands after...too bad the soap dispenser wasn't working...haters

saturday morning began in pasadena. i went and got my eyebrows de-caterpillared and then headed back to my place to meet up with my roommate and her bud so that we could ride to her 30th birthday tea party together. we ended up at this delightfully sweet little spot in pasadena that had every kind of tea you can imagine including chocolate tea. i had this great black tea that tasted like an indian boba tea...mmm. we tried our hardest to speak like ladies and ate little dainty tea sandwhiches, cakes and scones like ravenous beasts. i grubbed. i manage to gangsta up any local i invade for some reason.

tea for two...i was diggin the little sponges at the end of the spout to catch the dribble. can i get one of those for my mouth?

some of the lovely ladies i got to sit with. lady talk lead to me finding out i'm not the only labrynth lover...we have a proposed movie viewing coming up. love lady talk!

after that i met up with my gal pal vanessa (my very first friend in los angeles actually) for her birthday party. we went to one of my favorite restaurants of all time, hal's in venice. we ate GREAT food, laughed, drank wine and then went to opera in hollywood (the ladies from the tv show "the hills" go there a bunch) where we danced our little bottoms off. ( i managed to come home with a wicked boy had to carry me into my apt complex...yeah it was that bad) i haven't been dancing in so long. vanessa and her hubby and her kid sis & boyfriend are all the type of people that just go out and have a good time...we were dorkifying that whole dance floor with our goofiness. couldn't ask for a better night and a better group of folks to share it with.

today i managed to sleep in and miss laying out by the pool at the standard hotel with my cuz shell so i went out to my poolio and worked on the browness...coming along nicely.

i've figured out it's just great being around people and living life and DOING long as i'm moving i'm happy and i definitely moved this weekend.


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