tired of flat lines (& tires)

i fear it. i dread it. i pray it never happens and yet...my nightmare keeps coming back to torment me.

i'm referring to getting a flat tire and what getting one does to my sanity.

i had one of these stupid things a couple of weeks ago. i bought two new pretty tires but the dingle dorks at the tire place put the newbies on the back and the broke-ass tired ones (no pun intended) in the front. normally this would seem like the smart thing to do but my stinkin' wanna-be sports car sits at a weird angle, putting a rediculous amount of pressure on the front two. so i kinda need the new hotness in the front for protection.

i called it. deep down i knew it would happen and today was the perfect day for such an ordeal. i went to the dentist and found out i have to have some gnarly deep clean thing that requires novicaine and i have two cavities. oh happy day.

then i decide to cheer myself up by finishing up an art project i've had in the works for a couple of months now and somewhere between target and my house i catch a flat. i pull into my garage to the sound of buckle buckle buckle...hssssssssssssssss


so yeah. i calmly call my insurance co, get a tow truck and i think i'm ok but ole boy BREAKS my hubcaps that although cheap are my favorite edition to my hoopty (they gave my car a much needed face lift). i'm done. stick a fork in me.

tire issues SUCK! my poor car sits outside waiting for its doc appt with pep boys tomorrow. i'm so tired of tires.

this is what really melts my butter...i had to park my newly washed car under a tree so the stinkin' tow truck could get to it. hmph

my fear...

my face when experiencing the fear


  1. I like the way you added pictures and expressions, to paint a more adequate picture of your unfortunate experience.

    Sorry about your car.

  2. pictures are worth a thousand words i hear... : )


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