talib talk

the poets of the people are chillin out. most of the true poets stick to college campuses or lounge spots...the old school poets were worshipped in newspapers (langston hughes' "simple" stories) and known for chillin on a porch speaking to the youngins.

those poets have evolved into something beyond. my simple little mind has had to expand my definition of "poet" and include some of hip hop heads in that mix.

langston hughes lives on.

i heart talib kweli. this is no secret. this fine fellow's words cause me to stop typing at my work computer and get real quiet like so that i can hear 'what the young brutha is trying to say'. (shout out to lyte as a rock!)

i just listened to "oh my stars"-- a song he sings to his kiddoes about being stars. i love how you can tell kids that stuff and they soak it up and believe it with zesty confidence. (good message brutha man!)

i went to a kindergarten graduation last night and listened to kids' dreams for their futures. some want to be president, some firefighters...some want to dance, paint and be a vet while others want to teach like the men and women they see at school every day.

it's so fun to watch kids get inspired...they're so easily convinced they can do anything and everything. simple words become stamps of truth.

when i listen to mr kweli i feel like a tiny fun part of me gets inspired. makes me want to bring back the old school brain. i want my kid brain back! i really do! who's with me?!


  1. I heart Talib too. He's so talented, and inspirational. Makes me want to whip out a pen and pad, and write down some thought provoking stuff.

    It is fun to watch kids get inspired and oftentimes I wish I could go back to being a child, where things made sense.

  2. Chad and I saw this speaker at an event once that asked how many people in the audience could draw. About 10% of the people raised their hand. He then pointed out that if we were kindergartners, 90% of us would have raised our hand. It's a great point--as kids we know we have all sorts of talents that we forget we have as adults!


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